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HDB Budget List

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You asked, we delivered!

We shared our HDB Budget List on TikTok to show you guys how we tracked prices and snagged deals at over 50% discounts. And a couple of you were asking if we could share the sheet.

We've recreated our template (and made it cleaner) so that you can use it for your own home renovation journey!

It's free to download, simply put in $0, and go ahead to check out!

This product is a .xlsx file which can be opened with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Tips on going about the budget list:

1. After downloading the .xlsx and opening it, provide an overall renovation budget that you are comfortable with. It can be $5,000, $50,000, whatever you feel is a reasonable amount.

2. Don't worry about being too accurate. Go browse physical shops, Taobao and Carousell to get a gauge of prices first.

3. Note down the prices in the 'Budgeted' columns.

4. Periodically check back those websites to see if they have any upcoming sales. Taobao is more frequent with their sales on special occasions or 4.4, 5.5, etcs.

Pro-tip: Start browsing early so that you have time to catch sales!

5. Once you've bought your items, immediately add them to this list, so that you don't lose track of your invoices or get to a backlog of items.

6. Have fun shopping!

Not sure how to start planning for your home renovation journey?

Check out our TikTok to see how we used Figma, a free online tool to design around our HDB floor plan. You can also check out our Figma furniture template here.

Have other questions as a potential homeowner? DM us on our IG and we'll share what we can!

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A .xlsx file which can be opened with Google Sheets, a free online app. (Or Excel)

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HDB Budget List

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